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If you are interested in getting a proposal for a custom website design, please fill out the form below. It's long, I know, but filling this out allows me to better understand your needs and usually helps you get all your thoughts together. Help me help you.

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I love to work with creative entrepreneurs all over the world! This helps me figure out your time zone, so we can work together better.
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Design isn't a commodity, meaning that you will get different costs from every designer you speak to. I personally listen to your specific needs first, and then put together a customised proposal based on these needs. With this said, please provide a rough idea of what you're willing to invest, keeping in mind that the more you can invest, the more I can invest in your project.
Please note, this is additional to the budget selected above.
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Fo example, your primary goal is for them to purchase your new ebook, but if they don't do that, they should sign up for your newsletter, so you can update them via email. Other goal areas: sales, awareness, education, sign ups, downloads, contact, views, social media, etc.
A shopping cart? Social media implementation? Email collection and email marketing capability? Auto-responders for nurturing? A blog or news feed? Photo galleries? Onsite videos? A slider banner? A mobile site? A responsive site? A blog or news page? The ability for people to leave comments? A quick contact form, quote request or booking form?
For example, you could record the results of: The amount of new inquiries you get. Number of signups for the site’s free trial. Number of signups for a free eBook. Number of users in the site’s forum. Number of sales. Customer’s average order size. Amount of traffic. Level of activity on the site’s blog. Number of social media (Facebook / Instagram / Twitter) followers.
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