Company Description

OM-N is a gallery and marketplace showcasing the various intersections of world culture and nature. They make it easy to support culturally specific creations without the risk of appropriation.

Project Description

OM-N is an online mobile marketplace of curated fashion, art and home goods with an emphasis on world cultures and nature.

Users learn about the cultural specfic craftmanship, intended purpose and uses forUsers can see what cultural groups the merchandise is intended for and answer artist-generated questions about the .

Project Goals

Find out users' preferred way of targeting customers and being targeted when dealing with hot topic of cultural appropropriation.

Complete wireframes, visual design and prototyping within 1 week.


Young adults (20-35 years old) who identify as people of color (of indigenous, African, Latin and/or Asian decent) who want to respectfully buy and sell culturally specific creations.


Concept & Ideation
User Research (1:1 interviews)
Information Architecture & Navigation
Visual Design
Usability Testing

Project Timeline

1 week


Illustrator, Photoshop, Invision