Project Description

Getful is a bilingual, online mobile app that enables its users to create circles of resourced contacts before they need them, thereby alleviating the stress of the need. Users interact to request and suggest resources.

Users can create circles pertaining to big life areas (ie. Career, Health, Personal, Create Your Own) and add new or existing contacts to those circles. If they find themselves in need of a contact they don't already have, they can make a request for suggestions to other users globally or in specific circles.

Users are notified if they are added as a resource in someone's circle or if someone has commented on their request/suggestion.


Young adults (Spanish & English speakers) in the U.S. seeking to ease worry of not having enough of or the right connections.

Project Goals

Complete the entire mobile app from inception to production to launch in just 2 weeks.


Yisel Naomi Rosario Chang, August Geiseman and me.

Each team member worked across the board on design, front end and back end compenents.


Concept & Ideation Lead Visionary
User Research: Focus group
Information Architecture & Navigation
Visual Design
Iteractive Prototype Lead Designer
Mobile Framework Lead Developer
HTML & CSS Views
Javascript Functionality
Server & Database
User Authenication Lead Developer
Social Media Integration
Usability Testing

Project Timeline

2 weeks


Illustrator, Invision, Ionic, Cordova, Ionic Material, Sass, Angular JS, Node Js, Express, Mongo DB, Mongolab