Art of Ascent

Project Description

Art of Ascent is a web app that I conceived of, designed and developed to give artists a business plan guide so they can focus on their creativity while growing a business.

Artists will find in their dashboard each section of a business plan where they can go to to think about and answer important questions that solidify a plan. Special features include a brainstorm area, which is available throughout the app to jot down notes, and a resource list and chat area specific to each section for additional insight and motivation.

When an artist completes a section, they can review, edit or view their work, and when they complete all sections, they have a foundation, a direction and a business plan they can print to PDF!

Project Goals

Complete the entire product from inception to production to launch in just 1 week.


Emerging adult artists in the U.S. seeking guidance on creating a business out of their art.


Concept & Ideation
User Research (Online survery plus 1:1 interviews)
Information Architecture & Navigation
Visual Design
HTML & CSS Views
Javascript Functionality
Server & Database
Usability Testing

Project Timeline

1 week

This project was created as an individual project while at Coder Camps. I loved it so much, I want to continue to develop it! I'm really proud of what I accomplished in 7 days, but I can't wait to add expert content and create new features like a sketchpad.


Google Forms, Photoshop, Angular JS, Node Js, Express, Mongo DB, Mongolab, Heroku